There is no down-trend in the market for the short-term | Know more

Nifty 50: 10.693.70
Sensex: 35,673.25
Above are the levels that Nifty 50 and Sensex are currently trading at, after making their 3 month maximum lows in October. Nifty50 made 10,004.55 on October 26th and Sensex 26,992.48 on October 5th respectively. Since from then the charts of Nifty50 and Sensex are diversified little-bit in their growth rate as well as Simple Moving Averages as per my analytics. So are the directions.

If we look at the growth percentages, Nifty50 has made just 6% to 7% growth from the October’s low of 10,004.55. Where as Sensex has gained from 33,349.31 to 36,241.0 on 3rd December. A gain of 8%. Differed by 1%. That’s not considerable, but the future technical pattern is going to differ a bit more.
One can expect the consolidation phase in both the indices till the 20th December’18. After which growth will be seen towards end of first week of January’19. Fast growth is expecting from then onwards driven by the Q3 results. This may drive both the indices fast to test their maximum possible highs towards the end of February’19. Then expecting the correction. Nifty stats are much bullish than the Sensex.
But how much and until when will be discussed in my next post. Not possible to view now itself.
Until then Happy Investing & Trading to all.

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