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Waterbase Ltd

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Based in Nellore district of Andhrapradesh, Waterbase India Ltd has a huge growth potential by considering many supportive aspects. It is one of the best listed Aquaculture Companies of India due to geographical location and skilled labour availability. The company is diversified in to the three related segments of Seafood Farming, Processing and Producing Shrimp Feed. Active participation of the company in the cultivation by helping farmers, from pond preparation to teaching new harvesting methods, can be considered as the conventional positive growth direction of the business.

Govt. pushup towards encouraging exports may help this industry to flourish further in the coming future in the form of potential growth in exports. 974,000 m coastal line of Andhrapradesh is a great advantage to this industry and business as well.

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Financial Ratios & An Analysis

58. It’s on the half way to reach the industry P/E of 122. Good.

11. We are on safe side to play the game.

47. Put /Call ratio is moderate. Safe to go long.

10. Face Value of 10 is good for investors, rather than 2 or 5. Because it is the legal basic value of share, irrespective of the market price.

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