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Value Stocks

Indian Infotech And Software Ltd.Company ProfileLong-term bet. Just buy and hold. Continuous profits to the company.
Sintex Industries Ltd.23.95706 - 7 Months200%23/01/2018
Lycos Internet6.75409 -10 Months500%13/10/2017
Bhagyanagar India.24Book Value of Rs. 671 Year180%06/08/2017
FERRO ALLOYS CORPORATION LTD.CMP: 1230+1 Year150%14/06/2017
Allahabad Bank Ltd.CMP :87-88130-1403 Months (Time may take even more)50%17/05/2017
BPL Ltd.74140 - 1503 - 4 Months100%16/05/2017
Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Company Ltd (Plantations-Tea & Coffee0155 on NSE300+1 Year100%10/05/2017
Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd. 22 Levels744 Months236%09/05/20`17
Shrenuj & Company Ltd.1.29Currently the stock is in sliding mode. Buy once the price is stabilized for the target of 20+ in 3 years minimum.1 - 3 Years2000%29/04/2017
Opto Circuits (India) LtdCMP 11.475003 Years4000%07/04/2017
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.
87.252001 Year120%04/04/2017
NEHA INTERNATIONAL Ltd.6.98806 Months91%08/02/2017
GTL INFRASTRUCTURE4.45101 Month55%09/02/2017
GTL18.35303 Months63%09/02/2017
Get Value for Your Long-Term Investment

Growth Picks

Gennex Laboratories Ltd.3.72 (Best Buy)10160%6 Months12/04/2018
Indiabulls Housing Finance1225160030%6 Months01/08/2017
Kiri Industries 288 - 299Short Term: 40033%1 Month30/07/2017
Parag Milk Food Ltd.253 - 254SIP on Dips for the long-term wealth creation.400%2 Years23/07/2017
Euro Multivision Limited.3.905.2033%6-7 Months15/06/2017
New Delhi Television Limited.BSE: RS.59.50
NSE Rs.59.85
JM Financial Ltd.116-117160-17030% - 40 %1 Month21/05/2017
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd132.75
Buy at the end of the month. Between 23 -29 May.
280 - 300100%3 - 4 Months16/05/2017
Lupin Ltd.Buy
CMP: 1286.20
1700+30%3m- 4 Months15/05/2017
South Indian Bank Ltd.LTP: 26; Best to buy at around 22-23 levels.38-4065% -70%4 months11/05/2017
Eros International226-227600+150% - 180 %14 to 15 months02/05/2017
HCL Infosystems Ltd.57150 - 200200%2 Years.30/04/2017
Euro Ceramics Ltd.9.3050350% - 400%1 Year30/04/2017
Avanti Feeds Ltd.901 Good Company of Profit growth rate 115%; ROE 50%120030%2 Months24/04/207
Geecee Ventures Ltd140260-280. Be cautious after 200.40% - 50%1 Month22/04/2017
Lakshmi Energy and Foods Ltd.52.7090 (Short-term)
Long 1 Yr target 150-180
Just buy and hold. Next quarter is expected to be good. Stoploss: 40
70%2 Months20/04/2017
Gravita India Ltd.60.4590+ (Short-Term)
Go for Long to make it a growth pick.
50%2 Months18/04/2017
Ugar Sugar Works32.60, Buy at 30 levels9+
Technically on its bullish position. Long-term target for 9 months, Rs. 180 -200
Short-term: 220%
Long-term: 500%
4 Months
Wait till August
Power Finance Corporation152.4022040%6 Months10/04/2017
Hindustan Motors Ltd. (Good for Long-term Investors)9.912515%6 Months08/04/2017
Gennex Lab.5.88 It's moving very cautiously. Won't come back. Target for 10-11.Short term target 1524/04/2017
Aarti Industries Ltd.789Keep Investing for the consistent profit growth of more than 40% annually.04/04/2017
RattanIndia Infrastructure good Stock. Buy and hold to create Wealth.4.36Near - Term Target
Long- Term 14 -15. Difficult to guess the future of growth stocks. Buy and hold is recommended.
20 %

1 Month

1 Year ( Max. March 2018)

Sakuma Exports Ltd.Buy at any Current Market Price
NSE: 64.45
Add few at 53 -55 levels, if it goes down.
140 -150120%9 Months02/04/2017
Sandesh Ltd.962120025 %- 30%3 months30/03/2017
Divis Labs.6261500130%6 Months29/03/2017
KEC International Ltd.169.8021023%1 Month13/03/2017
IndiabullIndiabulls Venturess Ventures36.65AnyAny2 years02/21/2017
Suzlon Energy18.2036100%6 Months02/23/2017
Tata Motors46571553%6 Months06/03/2017
Power Finance Corporation141.4523063%9 Months17/03/2017
Divis Laboratories LtdBSE: 624.45
NSE: 622.95
Keep investing. Huge growth will be expected.30/03/2017
Neha International 6.118.3035%1 Month03/08/2017
Indiabulls Housing Finance1225160030%6 Months01/08/2017
Parag Milk Food Ltd.253.30280-30010%1 Month22/07/2017
JM Financial 126 - 12 Hope next Superhit Stock Recommended by Investockist after Indiabulls Ventures, Rattan Infra. and Gravita India. Minimum 200 Max. Just Rally1 - 3 Months19/07/2017
Gravita India86.70100+
Ugar Sugar Works Ltd.26-2745 - 5080% - 90%1.5 - 2 Months26/06/2017
Vinati Organics946 - 94410601 Month13/06/2017
Wipro Ltd.536.75
Month end June 30th
V-Guard Industries
179.90 (NSE)28050% -60%5 - 6 Months26/06/2017
Gravita India Ltd.30th June
Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)1006 - 10091215 - 127520%2 Weeks17/05/2017
Crest Ventures Ltd (Misc.Commercial Services)173. Buy at 140 levels after correction.300+70% -80%3 Months10/05/2017
Surana Telecom and Power Ltd.4.88Around 10100%2 - 3 Months07/05/2017
Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries Ltd.186 - 187240 - 380; Can't say the exact upside.(28% - 30%) - (100%)1 - 2 Months05/05/2017
Vikas Ecotech.22.5026-28-3018% - 20%2 Weeks03/05/2017
Eros International.226-22727020%1 Month02/05/2017
Prestige Estate Projects 253320 - 33025%1 Month26/04/2017
JCT Ltd.Buy around Rs.4 in May15 - 20250% - 300%3 Months26/04/2017
Kriti Nutrients Ltd
(Edible Oils)
21.95Min. 32 -3552%1 Month26/04/2016
Sandur Manganese and Iron Ores Ltd.695The promoter stake has been increased, ahead of Q4 results. Q4 is expected to be good.
Lloyd Electric and Engineering Ltd.249.2542080% -90%1 Month24/04/2017
Dutron Polymers Ltd.147.05200-22040% - 50%2 Weeks22/04/2017
Inox Wind Energy Ltd.20423012%-20%1 Month20/04/207
Quick Heal Technologies24530020%2 Weeks20/04/2017
Indiabulls Venture Ltd.36.65140-150300%2 Months02/21/2017
Panyam Cement79.9012033%2 Months18/04/2017
Celestial Bio Lab.26.0535 +34%1 Month18/04/2017
Gravita India Ltd.60.3090+50%2 Months18/04/2017
Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.62.809045%9 Months15/04/2017
Sanwaria Agro Oils12.3525 -2 8 Chances are there going up to 35.100%1 Month12/04/2017
Avanti Feeds Ltd.8088505%1 Week09/04/2017
Emami Paper Mills125.2015020%1 Month06/04/2017
Pincon Spirit63.80Min. 95 Max. All time high.50%1 Month06/04/2017
3i Infotech Ltd.5.075.609%1 Month04/04/2017
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd908.259202 Weeks04/04/2017
Indian Sucrose Ltd.38.255543%1 Month03/04/2017
Indian Infotech And Software 0.25
Potential Downside 0.21 Add few at that level.
44%Less Than a Month31/03/2017
Sunteck Reality Ltd.38352035%1 Month30/03/2017
Compuage Infocom Ltd.36.605038%2 Months30/03/2017
Balaji Telefilms Ltd.8812036%Less than a Month29/03/2017
Tips Industries 61.059050%2 Months21/03/2017
Surya Chak. Pow Ltd.Buy at Rs.22.8021/03/2017
BINNY134.8016020%1 Month21/03/2017
Tata Motors (DVR)Buy at Rs. 278330 (Sort Term)
Hindustan Uniliver905.80110021%8 Months16/03/2017
Divis Laboratories764830 At the end of March9%1Month14/03/2017
Jindal Poly Films Ltd.352450
Long-term target 1500
33%1 Month15/03/2017
Apollo Tyres Ltd.19526030%2 Months17/03/2017
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd168.30 220 30%1 Months17/03/2017
Redington India Ltd. 109.5019074%6 Months17/03/2017
GRM Overseas90.901152 Weeks20/03/2017
KG Denim86.8012053%1 Month17/08/2017
CIL Securities Ltd2140100%1 Month17/03/2017
Check this chart just before trading for the latest target prices. The time period is just above average. If the target is achieved earlier, then sell off.

High Dividend Paying Stocks - Make Sure of Good Return

Mandhana Industries.20.8511.54%10%21%
Clariant Chemicals Ltd49.90%27.50%3.94%31.44%
Coal India Ltd.112.96%10.04%9% -10%19% - 20%
LKP Finance Ltd ( Financial Services) This is a value pick too. Stock is trading at 0.72 times to its book value. Currently on by side.92.52%7.41%2%10%
IndiabullsIndiabulls Ventures Ventures14910.58%65%80%

Ratio Analysis- Indiabulls Vs JSW Holdings

Financial RatiosIndiabulls VenturesJSW Holdings
Current Market Price
As On 02/22/2017
On BSE - 36.75
On NSE - 36.95
On NSE - 1513
On BSE - 1517
Market capital Rs. Cr1,078.31
EPS (Earnings Per Share)1.7241.72
Price/Earnings Ratio21.3736.36
Industry Price/Earnings Ratio32.1932.19
Price/Book Value Ratio3.252.11
Price/Cost Ratio14.7036.34
Face Value2.0010
Dividend Yield8.15%-%